“Fine collection is an important revenue stream for municipal and provincial governments and when an offender doesn’t pay a fine, tax payers end up footing the bill.

These unpaid fines add up to a significant dollar value so there is a strong incentive to collect them, but also to do so efficiently and economically.

With this in mind, York Region, with the support of Teraflow Geomatics, has developed an FME based workflow to help increase their rate of delinquent fine collection. ”

TerraFlow Geomatics built an FME process that receives an file Excel from an email account.  The process then generates a new Excel file which is emailed back to the submitter.

In a nutshell, the process matches the individual whose fine has defaulted to records in the property database.  This determines if the individual is a resident of the Region and opens up a variety of possibilities for the Region to collect on the fine.

At the time of this writing, the Region has had over a 4000% Return on Investment on this process making for fantastic value on the work completed.

Follow this link to access the presentation given by York Region at the FME 2018 World Tour in Toronto.