Environmental surveys can be easily accomplished leveraging TerraFlow Mobile.

  • Create your survey grid
  • Connect your Bluetooth enabled sensor (air, radiation, you name it)
  • Start moving (walking or driving)
  • When you are finished automatically calculate your completion metrics
  • Synchronize your data for further processing

The key in environmental surveying is absolute efficiency, TerraFlow Mobile enables you to capture your sensor readings at the exact same time as your GPS readings.  TerraFlow Mobile can trigger alarms if  a reading exceeds an allowable tolerance ensuring the field crew can address or act on the issue immediately.

During the survey, the field crews can ensure they have sufficient coverage through the use of a survey grid. Automatically calculate the completion of a job while the survey is underway so the survey crew doesn’t have to return to collect more data.

Perfect uses for this process

  • Natural gas leak detection surveys
  • Radiation surveying
  • Noise level surveying
  • Air quality monitoring
  • and many many more