The Leak Detection Mapper, powered by TerraFlow Mobile introduces a fully integrated high accuracy data capture and mapping platform for Leak Detection Surveyors.

The leak detection professional sets up their leak process and starts the Leak Detection Mapper app on their phones.  During the leak detection process the system automatically records a complete track log of where the surveyor walked / drove and data logged from the system.  Data saved includes

  1. High accuracy GPS readings of exactly where the leak professional walked / drove
  2. Methane or other leak readings from the detector
  3. Quality metrics from both the GPS and Leak Detector giving you extra certainty about the quality of the data

Other supported features include

  1. Geo-fencing – the ability to set a boundary around the pipe and notify the surveyor  if they stray to far from the mapped pipeline
  2. Automatic completion metrics – right on the phone – let’s the user know if they have covered the required amount of pipeline to deem the survey complete

Give us a call if you’d like to enhance your Leak Detection and Data Capture process.