TerraFlow Geomatics has produced a truly unique product within the data collection industry.

TerraFlow Mobile is able to be configured with industry and client specific workflows, beyond what any other product can do.

Some of these collection capabilities include;

  1. 3D Surface Management and real time cut fill analysis – right in your hand
  2. Slope management capabilities
  3. Integration with Gas Leak Detection Meters
  4. Support for Gamma Radiation Meters, including warning notifications during survey
  5. Depth of capture capabilities with utility locators
  6. Alternative capture methods beyond just pressing buttons on a screen – hands free and headless operation for example
  7. Survey completion reporting right on your phone

TerraFlow Mobile is extensible to support external sensors via attachments through Bluetooth or COM ports. TerraFlow Mobile can capture environmental data, such as Air Quality, Gas Leak, Gravimetric data and beyond through an extensible sensor model and appending this to the GPS accurate points being captured.  The system can get sensor data at the time of GPS capture OR capture GPS data when the sensor triggers an event.