Collect your underground utilities faster and more accurately

Are you struggling with changing your optimal workflow to adhere to an out of the box utility mapping solution?

Concerned about your utility data being stored multiple devices and unable to get it back to the office with your solution?

Frustrated with data loss, data not being collected properly or consistently?

TerraFlow’s Utility Mapper adapts to your specific workflow and automates the synchronization back to your desktop with integrations to ArcGIS, AutoCAD, Microstation and many many more formats.

The old way of capturing locates include measuring and manual mapping of the underlying data, such as writing down the depth of cover or downloading raw data from the locator and then correlating it with your locations.

Now, you can conduct your locate AND map it simultaneously. Not only can you map it, but you can also ensure your field staff collect the right data through a workflow you define.  GPS metadata and locate information, such as depth of cover, milliamps and other important metrics are captured at the time of collection.

Accelerate your collection with focused workflows

Hands down the fastest way to capture your utilities while collecting multiple asset types as quickly as you can locate them. Walk it once with the confidence that you are capturing everything you need to safely operate or dig.

Synchronize Automatically

Don’t worry about your users forgetting to synchronize their data.

Automatic synchronization from the field ensures that you get all of your data back into your systems as easily as 1-2-3.

We capture the data from your field staff and can get you your data multiple ways;

  1. We can write the data directly to your asset or mapping system
  2. We can send you an extract in any number of formats
  3. If you are a locate provider we can automatically generate reports that you can submit to your clients

High Accuracy Data Collection

Built in support for RadioDetections RD8100 and Vivax-Metrotech’s vLoc2 and vLoc3 recievers.

What accuracy are you looking for?

  1. Sub-meter?
  2. 10 centimeter?
  3. 1 centimeter?

Built in support for best in class GPS equipment such as Trimble’s R1, R2 or Catalyst and correction services such as Cansel’s Can-Net or Trimble FieldPoint RTX ensures you get the best positional accuracy possible.